Texas Churches Not Included in COVID-19 Lockdown

There are many pastors who are concerned about the Executive Order issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday, March 19, 2020. During a Town Hall interview, the governor cited that “freedom of religion” would exempt churches from being included in that order.

The concern for the health and safety of our congregations should be at the forefront of every leadership decision during this crisis. Those decisions may or may not include temporarily canceling on-site worship services.

Pastors are still divinely mandated to lead out in proclaiming the truth of God and preach salvation through Jesus Christ across the globe. That mandate does not come subject to civic lockdowns.

Faith must always rise above fear, and this crisis is an open door to show the world that God is our refuge in times of trouble. Let every believer walk bold as a witness to the safety and mercy of the redeeming blood of Jesus; who sacrificed Himself that we should be healed!

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